Most Basic Ingredient versus Most Local Ingredient

Basic ingredients don’t have to be in opposition of local ingredients, but lately I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the value of each. Let’s look at an example, this morning for breakfast I did very well on basic ingredients, but not so well on local ingredients. I had smashed avocado on toast.  I made the bread and all the other ingredients are pretty basic. When you start look at where they came from is where the problem lies.

The bread I made contained flour, yeast, salt, water and seeds. The flour was from Bob’s Red Mill which is a company based in Portland, but I’m not quite sure where the flour is sourced. The salt certainly not local, nor the seeds. Bread making has been a recent hobby for me, next I’d like to look into locally sourcing the ingredients. The other ingredients were certainly source from nowhere near Portland. If I had to guess the pepper was probably the farthest away. I recently read Eight Flavors the Untold Story of American Cuisine. Sarah Lohman gets into the history of pepper in the US in one of the chapters, I highly recommend the entire book though I was thinking about the pepper chapter today. This is partially because Indonesia where it is native to is dear to my heart.


Could I give up the ingredients from far away? Certainly, though it does tempt me to begin a quest to grow my own avocado tree in the PNW.

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