Kate and the Null Island FlagHi! I’m Kate!

I’m a technologist geographer based in Cascadia. I’ve worked at the intersection of technology and nonprofits for the past 9 years. This has included serving as the first Executive Director of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and Chief Technology Officer of the Cadasta Foundation. Currently, I run Cascadia Technical Mentorship a consultancy my partner and I started.  I’m available for consulting regarding open data, open source communities and non-profit management.

I have varied other interests beyond maps and tech including cooking, hiking, farming and trying to make new things. I believe our food system is fundamentally broken and I’m currently experimenting what I can do about this on an individual level and someday regional level.  In May 2017 I moved to a farm in Southwest Washington where I am raising livestock, growing vegetables and trying out different approaches to homesteading.

This blog is a way for me to return to writing, something that I seem to have forgotten about over the past few years.

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