What I Look for in a Job

I wrote this list six months ago when I realized I needed to start thinking about my next move. It is very much still relevant today and there are some aspects I feel even more strongly about. (In case this isn’t clear, I’m currently looking for new opportunities either for full-time or contract work)

Position Components that Excite Me

  • Free and Open Source Software
  • Variety, not doing the same thing every day
  • Creating digital commons
  • Helping underrepresented groups in tech
  • Highly collaborative environments
  • Non-profit governance and formation
  • Developing project plans from initial idea to fundraising to completion
  • Maps and geospatial analysis

Situations that are Difficult for Me

  • Working entirely alone on a project
  • Environments without respect
  • Particularly aggressive environments
  • Teams where I am the only woman and it is unlikely to change

What I offer

  • Strong management and coordination skills for diverse, global FOSS organizations
  • Open source and new technology leadership
  • Humanitarian technologies, information management and GIS systems
  • Ability to recruit and excite people to work on a project
  • Willingness to take up almost any task to get the job done

The Logistics

  • Cannot move to take a position. Need to be mostly remote.
  • Can be onsite at any city in North America for one week a month. Could be onsite in Portland or Seattle one day a week.
  • Willing to travel globally, would not want to travel more than ⅓ of the time.
  • Flexible on work hours, but could not commit to weekly middle of the night meetings, occasional are fine (I am based on the West Coast of the US)

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